Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekends with the family

Street Fighter IV. Puppy farts. Mimosas. Flipping through wedding photos. Making soup. Complaining about the loud neighbors next door.

I feel so old, and boring. And content.

*Note the owl portrait in the background, c/o Blissful Images. My fav.


Kate said...

same, on all counts minus street fighter plus guitar hero. it. is. awesome.

Miss T said...

Your dog is so ADORABLE! You make wedded life sound blissful.

Tina Lane said...

That sounds a little like my weekends, except with cat farts.

east side bride said...

will you please submit to ? PRETTY PLEASE?

I am obsessed.

sera said...

swap "complaining about loud neighbors" with "hanging out with loud neighbors" and "puppy farts" with "cat farts" and that sounds like my weekends. and mimosas are really the only way to finish off all of the leftover champagne!
don't you just love married life!