Thursday, December 11, 2008

DIY Treats

After an exchange of emails regarding wedding favors, Anne from The City Sage has me feeling a bit more creative than usual. I recently saw an article on NPR's Kitchen Window by one of my favorite contributors Nicole Spiridakis called 'Holiday Gifts Good Enough To Eat' and instantly thought "DIY wedding favors". In the article she includes recipes for some yummy treats such as preserved lemons, mouth watering truffles, and my favorite, a savory lemon-rosemary sea salt. She suggests these be used as budget friendly Christmas gifts, but I can easily see any of them packaged up and presented to guests as unique and tasty favors as well. But alas, I am not nearly crafty enough and my kitchen is much too tiny to pull off tasks like these. That doesn't mean I can't drool!

If any of you other brides-to-be decide to give it a try, please do share pictures!

Photos from NPR

P.S. to Anne- A 30's inspired sheath gown paired with a Twigs & Honey bolero and followed with a funky lace mini-dress for dancing. Don't worry, there will be more details to come! ;)


Anonymous said...

30's sheath AND lace mini! AHHHHHH! I'm totally going into fits of ecstasy at the thought. You are going to look SO gorgeous. Can't wait for lots more details!

And for some reason, the thought of this NPR special on holiday edibles has me thinking of that Alec Baldwin SNL sketch when they have the holiday cooking radio show and he brings rum you know that one? It's a classic!

Jenny.Lee said...

I am so with citysage on this one!

Rachel said...

OMG - I love the SNL skit with Alec Baldwin. He played Pete Schwetty... and that skit with him and his eponymous balls was hysterical.

Anyways, your dresses sound awesome!!! And it'll be so nice to have something lighter and easier to dance in. Plus, the bottom of my dress was literally shredded in some places because of dancing and being walked on.