Friday, December 5, 2008


One aspect of our wedding planning that really excites me is flowers. In an effort to be as eco-friendly as possible and show appreciation for the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, we agreed to only use flowers and greenery that grow here in Oregon. We found a local farm to purchase our cut peonies. We plan to hit up the farmer's market here in Portland next spring to see what the vendors have to offer. Lastly, we are going to delve into my mom's expansive garden. We have peony plants, potted black mondo grass, calla lilies, and many more living plants to bring in and spruce up our reception venue.

On top of using my mom's potted plants, my parents have a vast backyard forest where we will pick wildflowers to add to the cut peonies and Farmer's Market finds for our centerpieces. Here are a few of my favorite Pacific Northwest species that I hope to find: Bleeding Heart



My absolute favorite:Common Vetch

I am also inspired by Chelsea's use of wild strawberry leaves in the bouquet she created for the winter 2008 issue of Portland Bride & Groom:

I love living in such a green part of the country.


Jenny.Lee said...


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Not only do you sound like you know exactly what you want..., but your taste is fantastic!!!

My compliments! Just beautiful!

Do you mind if I leave a link of this post on my site?

Melissa said...

That's so exciting you found a farm to get cut peonies and that's so nice you'll have plants and wildflowers from your parents house too :)

Anonymous said...

These are going to be such amazing bouquets. I'm especially excited about the peonies, because not only are they amongst my favourite to look at, but they smell DIVINE!

Miss Trini said...

Jealous much!!
Sounds like your flowers will be absolutely beautiful.

Broke-ass Bride said...

Common Vetch is a great name. It sounds like a diagnoses for someone who is always complaining... "a case of the common vetch strikes again"
Love your blog!