Friday, July 11, 2008

What's In a Name?

As I was going over various potential blog names in my head (I needed something a little more imaginative than 'Amanda & Nick's Wedding Blog'), I closed my eyes and pictured how our wedding will look when next Spring finally arrives. The lapping waves of the Pacific Ocean, oversized peonies, white linens, and crystal vases danced in my mind. A smile crept across my face as my thoughts began to wander to my dress and then to our vows...

But, still no name.

I sighed and squeezed my eyelids tighter, forcing myself to focus. Blog. Name. Wedding. Nick. Peonies. Peonies and Nick.

Then it came.

I remembered the deep-pink peonies Nick got me a few weeks ago. Immense joy tingled over my skin as I carefully unwrapped them and lifted their delicate buds to my nostrils. The soft flowers smelled sweet yet deliciously tart. Once I had them neatly trimmed and stuffed into my favorite green vase I placed them in the window. The vase was passed down to me from my Great Grandmother. It's walls are rough and bright, like the skin of a dusty, fresh-picked lime. As I admired the lush petals resting on the aged glass I knew the two had finally found their match.

Peonies. The sweet aroma of Spring and the tangy flavor of the lemonade Nick and I sip when the sun spills down through our apartment windows. Amanda and Nick.

It makes perfect sense.

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