Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our playlist is coming along... ?

No, we aren't Twilight fans. Obviously. But Nick is a huge Iron and Wine buff.

Though, I do struggle with the reoccurring urge to sabotage his playlist with nostalgic David Sedaris skits. How great would that be? Sneak one in when he's not looking. All of our friends and family gathered around meticulously decorated tables, enjoying tidbits of yummies on our wedding day, just to encounter Sedaris explaining the Dutch relevance of 6 to 8 black men on Christmas Eve over the sound system at our reception venue. Yes.

I could. It would be 1 part a**hole, 2 parts awesome.


Jenny.Lee said...

Well 2 outweighs 1! ;)

Maggie @ Eat, Drink, Marry said...

Hold up - I'm a huge I&W fan. Please do not tell me Sam Beam's gorgeous songs are in Twilight?!

Amanda said...

Yep. This song, to be exact.


Pen Pen said...

I love...well- Worship, David Sedaris!! I got to meet him TWICE! Jason took me to his two book readings in Houston and he even signed my copy of 'Dress ur family in c and d'! He said, "I can't wait to read ur book!"
I almost threw up both times--I was having a small heart attack the first time cuz Jas didn't tell me where we were going till he was in front of me. My mind went empty and I couldn't think of anything to say. Jas had to introduce me. He was like, "This is Penny, and she's ur biggest fan!". I was like a bumbling idiot--and Jason's intro was so 'Misery'-esque. I was so embarassed and deleriously happy at the same time! :)

Collins said...

I have been obsessed with Iron and Wine for years and love love love them. Glad they are on your play list. :)

Amber said...

oh my gosh. i love david sedaris too. he signed my book 'i'm so happy you're alive' and made me burst into ters (it'd been a bad day). this post alone just made me subscribe to your blog.