Friday, April 10, 2009

ok, I bluff

I realized when I ended an argument with Nick the other day by using the line, "Oh shut up, Stewie Pajamas," that maybe I shouldn't have been such a bluff before. Love is: leaving your partner's beloved nightwear in the free bin downstairs, then pretending the cat ate them when he hunts for them after work.

On a lighter note, we've been getting a ton of RSVP's back and I'm starting to get antsy. 50 days.

Now, I'm off to a weekend of overpriced Rubies, Fleet Foxes, and bad reality TV.


Image from *meppol


MJSSJM said...

So cute and funny! Love it!

Melissa said...

So funny :) I loved getting the rsvps back too. Have a nice weekend!

Jenny.Lee said...

Have a great weekend! BTW could you please get me a baby goat? Thanks.

Pen Pen said...

sometimes those things must be done. I had to remove Jason's shiny, iridescent silve tie that made him look like Regis on 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire'from him.....It was for the best :)

-and my friend just got married and said not to push the anxiety down--let it overtake u and freak out NOW so u won't have it building up and come out like the day of! --sounds like good advice :)

sommer said...

ah the ever popular pajamas/boxers that won't die. I think as a rule (somewhere) men are required to own a pair of something hideous to disturb us....enjoy your weekend!

Portland Style Unveiled said...

Wow, 50 days to go!! Congrats ... how exciting!

Cyd said...

Hilarious! <50 days now, you must be getting so excited! We're at roughly 95ish or so...invitations are about to hit the mail, which feels insane.