Monday, November 3, 2008

#2: Love is...

what the deuce?A gift to the fiance from my parents one Christmas (it was these or some Family Guy figurines- when questioned by my mom I picked what I thought then to be the lesser of the evils).

He wears these things around our apartment like they're the only piece of clothing he owns. Watching t.v.: what the deuce? Playing computer games: what the deuce? Take out the trash: what the deuce?

"I hate those pajamas."

"What? Why? They're comfortable!"

"I'm going to burn them when you're not home."


"I'm not bluffing."

I don't bluff.


AmyJean said...

What is it with grown men and this little football shaped head kid? hmmm... lol. i've got that same dilemma... lol.

Mrs. in May said...

Funny! Mine has that show on constantly!Seriously, how many episodes can be on TV in one night!

Guilty Secret said...

Oh man, and yo have your own parents to blame for this? Nightmare! :D

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Family Guy is way too funny. I watch it and cannot believe the things they get away with! (Sorry about the PJ's though... I feel your pain!)

Peonies and Polaroids said...

I threw some of The Boy's jumpers out when he was away once, I've never ever heard the end of it. My advice, if your boy's pyjama's 'disappear' never admit that you had anything to do with it.