Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Can't Get Enough

Of those handlebar mustaches.

Does it make me a complete turd that I've been planning my own bachelorette party for a while now? I know I'm supposed to leave this up to my friends... but friends, if you're reading this, please try cramming all of these things into one booze filled evening:

- A stiff Gargoyle at North 45
- $4 steak at Acrop
- Fishbowl margarita(s) at The Gold
- A romp in some leaves (I know that it will be Spring and we may have to substitute for somebody's well manicured flowerbed instead)
- Happy Meals on West Burnside
- Nostril waxing at Blooming Moon
-A Bart Simpson inspired prank call to somebody

All while sporting the coolest fake handlebar mustaches we can find. Image from here

That's all for now.


Rachel said...

Sounds like a really really fun time!!!
You'll have to take lots of pics of you all in the mustaches.

J.T.A said...

You're so funny...come to think of it, I haven't thought about my bachelorette party at all

Amanda said...

Ok, so East Side predicted mustaches are dead. All the cool kids will be sporting pirate gear instead.

I think I'm still in denial.

Maybe we can wear unibrows instead?