Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Diet/Workout Update

I have no diet/workout update.

I used to have a yearning for bulging bridal biceps. I had a whole workout routine mapped out. Free weights were purchased. I had the best of intentions to actually start using them. Then things changed. Nick told me I didn't need SJP biceps. He said her arms were "huge" and "disgusting". He claimed my arms are perfect the way they are. I believed him. I got lazy. Then, the other weekend I went thrift shopping and crammed my thighs into a pair of size 2 jeans and beamed. Maybe the seams looked like they might burst when I sat down, and maybe the seamstress eyed me quizzically when I took them in for hemming... but they buttoned without giving me a muffin top, and that's what counts.

New plan: I stick to what I do best: eating chips and watching Fearnet. Then, two months before the wedding: no chips or booze. This will give my body a little time to detoxify (also, one time I went a week with no chips or booze and lost like 3 pounds. Imagine what 2 months would do!). We'll see how that goes.

So until March 30th:

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AmyJean said...

don't feel bad, i've been ALL over the place with working out (or not working out for that matter). I'm good some days and awful for many ... But i shall get remotivated! lol

PS. I love salt and vinegar chips!

Rachel said...

Eeek! You are so lucky. I wish I could eat chips and whatever else I liked and not gain tons of weight... but alas, that is not me.

Congrats on the jeans!! And you know, Nick is right - your arms are awesome the way they are!!!

Meesha said...

Oh Amanda I'm so jealous! Between scraping my foot and being sick, I've only worked out once in the last four weeks. Grr! I have to be good for the next two weeks--even an extra few pounds will make my dress feel too tight.

Jenny.Lee said...

Size 2! Lucky!