Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tanning: Yes or No?

Obvious health concerns aside, should I partake in a couple rounds of fake n' bake pre-wedding to maximize my faux healthy glow?

Me sans the microwave (and surprisingly enough sans makeup) a few years back:

Nick-Knack and I the other summer after a few (too many) trips to the bed:I look a little burnt- but you get the picture.

Should tanning beds be left for sorority girls and men who drive Corvette's?

Could the bed give my skin an extra little pick-me-up for the big day?

Should I be flogged for publicly admitting the thought of tanning ever crossed my pasty Portland lovin' mind?

I'll let you decide.


AmyJean said...

Everything in moderation... isn't that the how the saying goes? I tan. I go to the tanning salon. I naturally tan easily, but i find a little color looks better on me. Also, if i ever know i'm going to be out in the sun for vacation or anything, i always get a base. It's over exposure to the sun that really does a lot of damage, so in moderation, to prevent burning... i think is ok... but sunblock is your friend if ever you are "out in the sun".

i think its up to you. and i wont judge you either way :) (you look great with or without the tan!)

Jenny.Lee said...

Saturday I purchased a month unlimited at a tanning salon next to my apt. I have to admit that I prefer being tanned.

Heather from the bar said...

Unfortunately for me I don't tan. Real or Fake, nothing works. You look great both ways, so it is ultimately up to you. Just don't go the spray tan route... I have seen one two many orange brides!

Rachel said...


Okay - here's my suggestion. Go get a Mystic tan. Please! I know it can be a little "orangey" - if it's too dark. But it's soooo sooo much better for your skin.
Trust me on this.
I will be 33 in February. I have dark hair and kind-of fair skin - but I've always tanned easily, and didn't really burn when I was younger. I did the tanning bed thing a little in high school and college (like a month here or a month there), and for a couple months during the summer right out of college (8-9 years ago). I didn't overdo it, and although I'd hang out by the pool when I was younger - I was never a "sun goddess".
I have dark/age spots starting to develop now. And they're not pretty.
They start small - they look kind of like shadows or scars that haven't faded out yet. But they don't fade or go away - they get worse. And sun exposure now only makes them darker!
It sounds so cliche and stupid - but I really wish I would have listened to all those people who warned me against tanning and laying out back then! Granted, a week or two isn't going to hurt you much, but it all adds up.

I'm planning on doing Mystic the day before.

Rachel said...

Oh, and as long as you don't overdo the spray tan thing, you won't turn orange.

bekapaige said...

I prefer being a little darker, my skin color is so light that without a tan you can see my blue veins-- ick! I'm going tanning 12 times in the two months before the wedding, which will just give me a glow- and prevent honeymoon burning :)

Peonies and Polaroids said...

Please no! Decent spray tan will not turn you orange, or give you cancer.

My 21 year old friend who had only ever sun bathed in Scotland (the least sunny place on earth) had two malignant melanomas removed from her arm three years ago. A tan isn't worth it. Besides, it will give you wrinkles and no one wants wrinkles!