Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cute as a Button

I've never been a huge fan of the rhinestone encrusted t-shirts and sweatsuits many brides purchase to wear a handful of times before their wedding. Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower, getting ready for the big day... after that they pretty much become sparkly (and usually fairly spendy) pajamas. Now don't get me wrong, I've thrown a Bachelorette Party or two in my day, and there is no better a photo opportunity than catching your good friend drunkenly screaming "Wooooo hoooo!" while holding up a blended cocktail and showing off her blinking sash/t-shirt/tank top. Oh, I get it alright. It's just that when I envision my pre-wedding festivities I picture them to be a little less... traditional (at this point any of my friends who are reading are probably snickering and searching google for the biggest, cheesiest, battery operated sash they can find).

For my Bachelorette Party I requested fake moustaches. Photo from

Picture this: a group of young girls tucked away in the back corner of a seedy dive-bar (my favorite kind), sipping away at fishbowl sized margaritas (oh yes, fishbowl), smoke, nickel slot machines... a thick handlebar moustache and a nice pair of chops. My kind of night.

A moustache, and of course, these (a girl's gotta be a little cute!):The sweet buttons I recently acquired from button empire for the fiance and I. I love buttons. They're small, aesthetic, and after the wedding I will have fun toting them around to class on my bookbag. I think they're a great alternative to the usual bride-to-be ensemble.

Once I become a Mrs. I will need to add the "I'd rather be smooching my nerdy husband" button to the collection.
Photos from button empire on Esty

Ok- I want them all!


Riley (aka Rachel) said...

Oh, these buttons are so cute!! I love them too!

And LOL about the fake moustaches! You must post any pics that you take!

Guilty Secret said...

I love the idea of fake moustaches instead of the normal girly stuff!

And those badges (as we call them over here) are adorable. Running off to etsy...