Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bolero ♥

For my ceremony on the beach I decided to go with a very simple, comfortable, sheath gown. I finally found the perfect one at Nordstroms' Wedding Shop. It's slinky, has a touch of lace, and fits me like a glove. But, I realized that though I love the dress now, it could still use a little something to make it pop and be a bit more... "me". Then, one day while perusing the web I discovered a solution: I needed a bolero!

I scoured the wonderful world of Etsy and found a few local designers who make the the loveliest boleros. First there is (of course, I'm obsessed!) Holly Stalder:
She can make a custom bolero to match your dress starting at around $140.

There is also Elizabeth Dye of The English Department with this unique bolero that was featured on the cover of Portland Bride & Groom magazine:

And then there is my favorite up-and-coming artist, Myra of Twigs & Honey -based out of Salem, OR. I recently had the pleasure of obtaining one of her gorgeous flowers for my wedding day hairstyle, and she is currently working on a custom bolero to perfect my ceremony look. When I saw her post this adorable wedding vest on her site I knew her work would be a perfect match for my gown and style:
This particular bolero can be found for sale here

With customs starting at under $100 her work fits almost any budget! Plus, if the bolero turns out even half as delightful as the flower she made for me I will be in heaven (and of course it will, because everything she makes is amazing).

I will be sure to keep you updated with pics of the finished product and my completed ceremony look!


Riley (aka Rachel) said...

I love all those boleros!! Especially the one by Elizabeth Dye that would just look PERFECT with my dress. Unfortunately, my budget is already t-i-g-h-t. So.... we'll see.

Myra's flowers are sooooo pretty! I got mine in the mail yesterday, and it's BEAUTIFUL!

Guilty Secret said...

Oh, I love me a simple sheath dress and a fancy bolero!

bekapaige said...

How gorgeous those boleros are! I love them