Sunday, September 7, 2008

Vintage Style on the Beach

Although my fiance and I do plan to have our ceremony barefoot in the sand of the beautiful Manzanita beach, we don't plan on incorporating a beach theme into our wedding decor. Not the typical "beach themed" decor at least. We felt that in staying true to our vintage/shabby chic style it wouldn't be appropriate to have the typical seashell place card holders adorning our tables. And although they are adorable, we're shying away from the miniature ocean-in-a-bottle favors as well. Instead we opted for more subtle ways to incorporate our love for the Pacific Coast into our big day. For example, we're keen on the idea of giving out bags of local saltwater taffy as favors:
Key Lime Saltwater Taffy from

We think it will be a lot of fun picking out the flavors together beforehand, and this will give our guests a chance to take a piece of the beach home with them (if it makes it that far!).

We are also considering using a sand unity ceremony with our vows- a more practical idea than attempting to light unity candles on a windy beach. Afterward we can even take it home and put it on display if we so desire.
Sand Unity Ceremony from

Last but not least, I love the idea of incorporating the beach into my wedding day ensemble. At Star of the East on Etsy you can find these creative earrings and ring made with bits of shells collected from the shore. They also carry jewelry made with sea urchins. Very unique and fun!

This ring is my absolute favorite:
Ring and earrings from Star of the East on Etsy.

I'm still on the hunt for more unique beachy ideas and will keep you posted with updates!

Photo by the talented Joey Bloom (I've posted it before- but it's my favorite so I just can't help myself!)


Lauren said...

This is so pretty. I love the "unity sand" thing. I want to do that at our wedding, what a fun keepsake.

Thanks for the comments on Team Giles! :)

Star of the East said...

I think beach weddings are the greatest, good luck with finding the perfect things for the perfect day :) And thank you very much for this lovely feature!

Elizabeth said...

I absolutely LOVE that ring.

The Penny Pincher Bride said...

We did a sand ceremony and everyone commented on how unique of an idea it was. Our sand came from the beach in SC where my husband proposed and from a beach on the Puget Sound where we grew up.

I hope you end up doing it!