Monday, January 26, 2009

Holy Crap

Miss Shugarman , Caitlin , and Sapphyre recently tagged me, asking that I divulge all of my most personal and scandalous secrets to the world(ok, not really). Unfortunately, I'm just not that cool, so bear with me here while I try and think up something entertaining...

1. This is one of my new favorite blogs to stalk. I've always been one to enjoy mean humor, especially when it's at the expense of fuzzy little animals.
2. Right now I am obsessed with these sculptures by Double Parlour on Etsy. I want to own them all.
3. For our wedding Nick's mom booked us a few nights at a lovely little bed & breakfast on the beach. I think I'm abnormally excited about it. Like, in a creepy way. I've already printed off maps to all the local hiking areas (because hiking is my all-time favorite thing to do), presented Nick with a monologue about how cool it is that the inn is certified "green", and hunted for pictures of their famous breakfasts on flickr. Yes, I'm a creep. But an appreciative creep nonetheless! (Is that a biscuit shaped like a heart? Seriously, how cute is that? Image from here)

4. I'm a leftie and have the worst handwriting imaginable. I recently sent out makeshift save-the-dates to our out-of-town relatives. A few days after receiving his, my grandfather called my mom up and said, "I just got a card in the mail from Amanda. I'm not sure exactly what it says..." Ouch.

5. I finally discovered fried polenta, and it's amazing. (Nick agrees)

6. Our cats have always favored Nick over me. It drives me crazy.

7. I think Mickey Rourke is much more attractive in The Wrestler than he is in normal life. It must be the hair.

8. I would kill for Anthony Bourdain's job. Who wouldn't?

And I'm spent. Sorry guys, I couldn't make it to ten. I told you I'm not that exciting!


Brittney said...

I was with you on the weirdly excited B&B thing (I too do a lot of research on places hotels so I know what to do when I get there)... until you said you searched for pictures of their breakfasts... lol... that part was a bit creepy *wink*

Veiled Vows said...

I loooove fried polenta. It is my favorite meal to make now. With mushrooms and garlic. With tomatos and garlic. With snap peas and....ok I really like garlic!

AmyJean said...

I've never tried fried polenta. but now i want to :)

Caitlin said...

you're a nut - you are soooo interesting.. just look at your blog!

ambika said...

I think travelling *with* Anthony Bourdain would be a blast. He's so about non-traditional tourism and has such a wry take on things--that would be half the fun, I think.