Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Honeymoon in the Wilderness?

For our honeymoon I have my heart set on hiking. But, not just any hiking. I want to go hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail. Of course I don't mean the whole trail. That would be insane, and I'm sure Nick and I would get picked off by wild animals before we made it past Southern California (assuming we started in Mexico). I specifically want to go hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail up in Canada.

Crazy? Maybe. But if you knew me at all you wouldn't be surprised. What better an idea than combining the two things I love most: Nature and Nick?

I found a lodge up in B.C. that sits on the edge of the trail. You can go hiking during the day and enjoy the comforts of a warm bed at night. Perfect. Now I just have to convince the fiance...

All this talk of hiking takes me back to our one year anniversary. As a gift to Nick I surprised him early in the morning by getting a picnic together and driving us out to Saddle Mountain for a hike. The view was absolutely gorgeous and we had an amazing day. It has been one of the most memorable moments of our relationship- and the only times I ever regret that we are car-free are when I want to go back!

Here's a little video from our trip:


The Penny Pincher Bride said...

This was our honeymoon! We were married in Seattle but then drove to OR. Did some of the PCT, stayed at the Edgefield, hiked around Mt. Hood and then Smith Rock outside of Bend. We had a blast!

Nicole said...

I heard the west coast trail in BC (Vancouver Island) is amazing too.