Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Inspiration Photos

Although I keep changing my mind about various aspects of our ceremony and reception, we do have a few things set in stone. One, we want a non-traditional outdoor ceremony (which will hopefully not get rained out on the Manzanita beach). Two, there will be lots and lots of peonies- everywhere! Three, our wedding colors. They are ivory, peony pink, chocolate brown, and hints of spring green as a popping color (pretty much the colors of our blog). And four, the theme is very vintage, shabby chic, spring, eco-friendly inspired (phew- that was a mouthful!).

Here are some inspiration photos:Photo courtesy of perfectbound.blogspot.com

Photo courtesy of sencenectar.com

Photo courtesy of parrottdesignstudio.com

Photo courtesy of Twigs&Honey (the lovely flower Myra made for my hair!)

Photo courtesy of theknot.com

P.S. engagement photos will be up tonight! I can't wait!

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