Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Engagement Photos Are Here!

Nick went and picked up our engagement photos this afternoon. Our photographer is Joey Bloom of In Bloom Photography and we absolutely love him! I also want to thank Josh at Dezi Salon for doing my hair before the event. They are the best! I hate being in front of the camera and was really nervous about getting them done (note my "what if?" post). My mom suggested we drink a few mimosas before heading over to The Rose Gardens. I had a few... too many. It all worked out though. We met with Joey, were in and out in under fifteen minutes (my kind of photo shoot), and I actually turned out much more photogenic than I usually am. Then I went home to nurse my champagne induced headache and thank my lucky stars we found such a cool photographer.

Here are some of our favorite shots:
Above photos by Joey Bloom

For the rest of the photos check out Our Photo Album!


Riley (aka Rachel) said...

You guys are really cute!
Great photos!

Jenny.Lee said...

Your shoot turned out great! I am so nervous about ours...same 'what ifs' from your previous post!

redframe said...

Yay gorgeous! 15 mins? That's insane!