Friday, February 20, 2009


After some recent photo inspiration, tonight on my way home from work I had an epiphany and instantly called my sister.

"Hey kid, so I've got the best idea ever. I know we're having a photographer and everything, but wouldn't it be so fun if I got an old camera off Ebay and you took some Polaroids for us? Then maybe we could make it into a guest book or have some extra photos just for fun? This is going to be great. Now text me this idea in a little while because I'm probably going to forget all about it in the next few minutes."

Now I already bought the camera on Ebay, but I had no idea how expensive film is. $2-$3 a photo? Even more if you don't want stuff that expired in 2007? Jeesh!

So it may have been a little premature to jump into the idea without considering the budget first, but this is going to be great. (I hope)

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Brittney said...

Film that expired in 2007 may still be good... don't totally rule it out

AmyJean said...

Kinda like Roller skates. They were cheap when they were "in"... then came the roller blades and roller skates were like 200 bucks. What the... Just be careful the acid off the poloraoid doesn't change the color of the photo long term.. but i love the idea!

Pen Pen said...

:) That's just un-american! Polaroids were always my favorite way to take pics when I was little(I had my own pink one). I bet ur wedding will be perfect anyway tho! From what I've seen-you've got some very Martha Stuart-classic moments going(in only the best way!)
Maybe ur sis can take some raw photos with another camera anyway! Candid pics are always my fav! :)

...and u should definetly read 'The Talisman'! I almost missed a final my freshman yr of college cuz of it! ...I blame my dad for my Stephen King obsession- He gave me 'The Shining' and a Beatles anthology in 6th grade--even tho I was raised Southern Baptist.
He AND my mom just kill me! They're lives would make a GREAT movie!
....I think I might write too much on comments...oh well :)

Amanda said...

Oh, we're definitely having some polaroids. It's just a matter of how many polaroids...

And Penny comments are always much enjoyed. Especially when they lead to pictures of cats in winter parkas. ;)

Chelsea said...

Yay! This will be fantastic. What kind of Polaroid did you get? I have the 680 slr and I love it!

east side bride said...

The polaroids are by far my favorite pics from our wedding!

I say buy as much film as you can squeeze into the budget. Srsly.

Amber said...

Tell me what film and I'll buy some! You need a whole scrapbook of wedding polaroids!

Amanda said...

Chelsea, that's a good question. All I remember was that it was cheap and old. Here's to hoping it actually works!