Saturday, February 21, 2009

Purchase #157 after all wedding expenses are paid:

Get that eyesore of a crooked tramp-stamp covered.

Note to any potential High Schoolers reading: It's never a good idea to- in the throes of teenage angst and rebellion- get a basement tattoo by a friend of a friend of a friend's creepy uncle.

That's all.

Picture by Joey, from here


Mrs. Andi said...

I want to get a mistake tattoo removed too! I also need to get some "fake skin" stuff to cover another one on my arm.

Pen Pen said...

Did u have tattoos all on ur back and get them removed?! WOW! So intriguing!

I've always thought that if I get tattoo,it would be a snoopy. My boyfriend says I would regret it one day, but I'm pretty sure a snoopy tattoo can never be a regret.

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

No, just that one tattoo. That white stuff is a body mask for a spa ad.

But, I do plan to cover it with a bigger tattoo going up my back... we'll see.

east side bride said...

um that photo is really scary.

Amanda said...

I really don't see how my surly shoulders coated in mud could be anything less than tantalizing.