Thursday, May 21, 2009


Myra is making my head get all big and bloated and full of hot air. I guess what I'm saying is, I'm completely flattered. And enamored. I have a gazillion more nose picking, pajama tossing, mattress thieving stories to share. After the wedding. And I'm sure I can dig up some fun zombie swag on Etsy to go along with the vampire slaying kit.

I love that you guys love me.

Image by Elizabeth Messina via Myra's flickr.


elizabeth said...

and you can use this sign to provide fair warning about the zombies


Jenny.Lee said...

You are seriously awesome. I need that kit. Really bad.

Julia said...

yes, we do love you!!

Myra - twigs and honey said...

yes! You found a zombie kit! Just going to add that to my shopping list now. ;)
And that previous post... is making my mouth water and I haven't even had breakfast yet. Is it okay to crave caramels this early in the day?