Thursday, October 2, 2008


Yesterday when I called my mom and told her we needed to return my second dress to purchase this Holly Stalder number instead, she accused me of being a habitual mind-changer. What? She proceeded to point out all the things I've flip-flopped on over the past few months: venue, hairstyle, invitations (originally we were going the ultra-cheap, ultra-eco route and doing simple seal-n-sends. well, when you see the ones I decided on you will understand. still eco-friendly, much, much prettier). Then of course yesterday the dress... and now, the cake.

Original cake idea:
Photo from flickr

Fairly traditional, a little gaudy, and in my opinion- extremely shabby chic. Don't get me wrong, it's nice, but when I saw this cake idea over at Earth Friendly Weddings I could never look at another cake the same:

Photo borrowed from here, which was borrowed from here...

I need those cakes at my wedding.

Three uniquely decorated, uniquely flavored, little white cakes at my wedding. Three uniquely vintage, uniquely fun, used cake stands found at antique shops. One very happy bride. (and I'm putting fresh peonies on top, even if it poisons my guests!)

Thank you Jennifer- yet again.

Update: apparently I will poison my guests if I put fresh peonies on my cakes. I guess this means going the freeze-dried route, or ordering some beautiful clay ones from her. What would I do without Jennifer?


AmyJean said...

Until you sign on the dotted line, aren't you allowed to change your mind? i change my mind too ... a lot. It's ok, its an endearing quality.

I'd like to eat those cakes :) and i'm glad you figured out a way around the guest poisoning!

Jenny.Lee said...

i am HORRIBLE about changing my mind. all these pretty blogs with all these pretty options aren't much help either! :) i really like the cakestand idea. z and i want to do something similar but with pies instead of cake.

Andi Pandi said...

Don't worry about changing your mind, but it might help to not cement a decision, IE, tell folks, unless you're 100% sure it's the one. BUT, if you end up choosing something & changing your mind later, but you can't change your decision, don't worry about it!

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

I am a total flip-flopper too!! It drives my fiance (and me sometimes too) CRAZY!!

But you know, it's so hard to pick out and make decisions on so many different things that will all be working together! Not to mention that many of them you don't actually get to see the final product until after it's all said and done with, paid for... you get my point. So it's hard to imagine some of this stuff! At least that's what I have to explain to my fiancee. ;-)

I like the second cake idea - very unusual (in a good way) and rustic/shabby chic!

Guilty Secret said...

Ha ha, I love that 'poison them anyway' attitude... cute ;)

Jennifer said...

Glad to be of help! But no, don't poison your guests. That wouldn't be good. :)

The Pissed Off Bride said...

you can get nice fondant flowers. don't know how much though. Freeze dried may still have chemicals. You make best time with silk or fondant.

Hannah said...

I am a vintage-modern cake designer and blogger from the UK. A good cake maker should be able to make you peonies out of what we call flowerpaste here but I think in the US it's sugarpaste. Here are some pictures on another good cake blog:

PS. I think your wedding ideas are fab.

Emily: said...

Hi there, I just found your blog through Etsy weddings. I am also doing the table with several cakes on cake stands instead of one big cake. Why have one when you can have several? I am indecisive just like you:)

Here is another idea that I am doing that seems like it might be right up your alley...

In addition to finding vintage cake stands, you can actually MAKE really fabulous vintage "cake stands" using old china plates and candlesticks. I went to antique shows and picked out really great cut crystal, milk glass, vintage china, etc.

You take the plate, run a ring of hot glue around the bottom, and glue to the top of an old candlestick. Voila! Totally original and awesome.


Amanda said...

Thanks for all the great advice! It's good to know I have so many other options than poisoning my guests to get peonies on the cake. ;)

emily- that candlestick idea sounds pretty similar to the vase idea Jennifer had over at earth friendly weddings the other day. I'm definitely tempted to try those ideas out. I think candlesticks and milk-glass vases could look really chic.