Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Sorry, I've been feeling completely blah since last Thursday and haven't been in the mood for blogging much...

Last week when I got to work I was horrified to discover an awful case of hives all over my face, neck, and ears. I shrieked and went home ill, blaming it on the only (not so)plausible explanation that I must be suffering from an allergic reaction to a potassium supplement I've been taking (nevermind that I've been taking it for weeks now with no reactions other than wonderfully stable blood pressure).

I went home and scoured the internet for evidence of all the horrible things that must be happening to me. I was convinced I was dying. Kidney failure maybe. A heart attack. I was sure it was going to be slow and painful. I curled up on the couch for days watching Fearnet On Demand- only getting up occassionally to slip on my infamous black track suit and scurry across the street to buy snacks (I only wear the track suit on the weekends when 1. I'm ill or 2. I want to pretend I'm a Beaverton soccer mom for a day and pair it with some teal Pumas and oversized sunglasses).

Nick occassionally looked up from his game of Warhammer to chuckle in amusement as I squeezed our cats and shouted at the t.v. in a Benadryl induced haze. (He knows I'm a hypochondriac and has dealt with many self-diagnosis ranging from ulcers, to melanoma, to brain tumors throughout the years of our relationship)

Needless to say, I didn't die. In fact, through a simple act of patch testing I discovered I was just allergic to a hair product I purchased from Aveda last week. That's all. Hours upon hours of internet research. Frantic phone calls and texts to my loved ones letting them know how much I adore them. Missed time from work. Valuable wedding blogging time wasted. Boxes of consumed animal crackers and half a dozen horror movies later... hair gel.

But on the plus side, I discovered that this stuff works better than Benadryl on itchy hives:
Epicuren Acidophilus Pro-Biotic Emulsion


Jenny.Lee said...

That all sounds really intense. Glad your back and feeling better!

Pink Lemonade Bags said...

Oooh, I will have to try that! I am very skin sensitive too (no perfumed lotions for me!) I haven't had any problems with the Aveda products I use. Speaking of which, if you are not completely avoiding Aveda now, their Balancing Infusion sensitive skin treatment is wonderful stuff. ;-)

bekapaige said...

No fun! Glad you're better now. Loved your post over on etsywedding! :)

Jennifer said...

I've got sensitive skin too. I find that more and more people are experiencing skin reactions and I honestly think it's because we have an overload of chemicals in everything we use. Glad to hear you are feeling better though! Sometimes dragging around in a "benadryl induced haze" whilst watching t.v. is just what the doctor ordered, hehe.

The Pissed Off Bride said...

We have much in common. . . lol. My fiance rolls his eyes often when I have a "life changing illness".

Glad your feeling better.