Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First comes marriage, then comes...


My mom keeps hinting at the idea of the fiance and I producing a grandchild for her once we are married. Yikes. I don't know, I like kids and all, I just can't shake the feeling that I still am a kid. The fiance and I both. We're big kids. Big kids with bills, and jobs, and adult responsibilities. Case in point:

(ouch, talk about the most unflattering photo of me ever)

I've always said never. No way. No kids, ever. I don't feel responsible enough to raise a child anytime soon. The fiance insists that once I start getting into my early thirties I'll feel like I need one. He says it's just biological. I'm not so sure I believe that.

My best friend brought her daughter over to our apartment last night for dinner. I forgot how much I missed seing her (she's four years old and insanely adorable). I told her the FH's new nickname is Nick-Knack and she loved it.

Steph to the FH- "Nick-Knack, sing with me!"
NK- "Umm.... ok"
Steph- "I like to make up songs with words that don't make any sense!"
NK- "Oh do you?"
Steph- "Yeah! Follow me. Do lah fah seee-oh duh-dohhhh!"

Nick-Knack proceeded to clear his throat then sheepishly play along. This went on for a few minutes until (as most kids do) Steph got bored and moved on to squeezing our cats.

Watching them made me think, maybe kids. Someday. Maybe. You know, when I'm done being a big kid myself...

(ten years from now)



AmyJean said...

I am the same way. I love kids and i'm great with them... i just worry about me being a mother. Being an aunt, i can leave my lovely crazy nephews and niece at their home when the day is done...

But i figure - one thing at a time, right? lol.

Jenny.Lee said...

Take your time...there is no need to rush into parenthood. Enjoy your time alone together while you can because once you have children your life will change completely. My Fiance has two very sweet little boys that I love to death but I'll be honest it isn't always easy. Date nights have become a top priority! If you decide to have them I'm sure you will be a great mother! AmyJean too! ;)

Guilty Secret said...

I'm so glad my fiancé's sister just announced her pregnancy so that I can deflect that question at/after the wedding with a quick, "well, let's let Feline have her little one first..."!

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

Okay, you tell Nick-knack that just because you're in your 30's doesn't mean that you start WANTING them any more!!! ;-)
In reality, what it is is that you realize that if you do possibly want kids at some point, that point ain't too far away. There's all kinds of studies that talk about how you should have your first child before the age of 35 to reduce birth defects and problems..... um, yikes!! That give me 2 years (and 4 months).
I've always thought that I wanted kids.... someday. Like you, I always felt too young and not ready for them (not to mention not being married!). But now, facing my mid-30's in just a few years, I'm realizing that the "some day" I always thought about is closer than I thought.
It's not that I just really really WANT one right this minute. It's just that I realize that my time for putting it off is becoming shorter...

I wouldn't rush into it, though. Take your time and enjoy being young!! (Not to imply that I am OLD... just sayin')

The Pissed Off Bride said...

I so understand. Both of our parents are like, "Um, how much longer before you start pushing them out? We are getting old you know."

Jeez. We can't even decide if we want a puppy. That should say plenty.