Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This weekend I relaxed. Hung out with my parents at the beach. 67 more days to go. I took some mediocre Polaroids (after I figured out how to work the shutter). Rejoiced in our handmade garlands (thanks again friends for your 6+ hours of hard labor). Pranced around in my sexy wedding shoes. Ate 3/4 of an entire pineapple upside-down cake (f*ck you pre-wedding diet). Went to a stupid beach wedding show. Squeezed some goats. Drank lots of wine. Now it's back to reality.

Work. Bad TV. Dishes. Work. More wine. Hmph.


p.s. check out those guns in that picture. I know, right?

Photo by Joey Bloom


Brittney said...

You look so relaxed... I'm jealous! =)

Pen Pen said...

When is eating almost an entire cake alone WRONG?!

AmyJean said...

Sounds like a great weekend! :) (well deserved too!)

Jenny.Lee said...

You look soo relaxed. Me=jealous! I totally noticed the "guns"! ;)

Future Mrs. H said...

Sounds like my kind of weekend... hahah love the comment about the pre-wedding diet!!

P.S. I got my napkins and LOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEE them!!! I am going to post about them as soon as I upload my photos. =0)

The Pissed Off Bride said...

You crack me up lady!

oooo to the spa treatment. I can't wait for my next appt. Looks soooo relaxing!

Melissa said...

That sounds like the best weekend :)

Kate said...

jealous of your weekend, cake, and guns. pretty much in that order.

Sara said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend - I want one!

Sara Gray

Amber said...

yeah... you ate like half the cake while I was there.. but it was pretty good. I love how mom makes it with crushed pineapple instead of the slices.