Friday, March 20, 2009

my sanity

I recently came across this photo taken of me at Meesha's Bachelorette Party. After my initial reaction of "what the hell was I wearing?", I came to realize that this really does embrace my feelings about wedding planning thus far. Note the expression on my face. It screams: awkward, reluctant*, annoyed, and hasn't ingested nearly enough booze yet to make this "fun".

Our wedding website says we've got 71 more days to go. Cocktail anyone?

*Not reluctant about marrying Nick, but still reluctant about the whole idea of "weddings" in general.

*And Meesha, I hope you know I'm referring to the wig, not your bachelorette party. That was fun. The wig was not.


Jenny.Lee said...

It does get overwhelming. You'll make it!

AmyJean said...

Home stretch... :)

Melissa said...

It does get overwhelming at times, have fun with the rest of your planning it goes so by so fast :) I'm sure you are going to have the best time at your wedding :)

Megan said...

I'm so glad that I decided to give myself a year. It definitely helps with the stress, but I really understand the feeling of reluctance at times.

Meesha said...

Yes, the wigs were...interesting ;)

Pen Pen said...

:) I heard that when Britney Spears was kind of losing it, she's put on that pink wig and would be manic. They said it was like-when she's wearing the pink wig-watch out!!