Monday, March 30, 2009


Just when you thought you couldn't get enough of my "support local business", "Go Portland", "I ♥ Oregon" hoopla, I go and throw Voodoo Doughnut into the mix.

I'm happy to announce the addition of some yummy custom pink "Portland Creme" doughnuts to our wedding dessert table. (I think they'll look lovely next to our cakes(s)).I'm going to stack them all pretty on some of our vintage cake stands like Martha does here, except these won't be quarantined to the "kids' table" like she suggests. These are intended to make even the oldest of grandpas melt into a frosting-coated puddle of childhood glee (I'm actually counting on a few candid wedding photos of this exact thing happening. Please).

Because who doesn't love pastry filled with custard?

P.S. that lovely was for you Emilia Jane.

Images from here and here


east side bride said...

awesome. because we all know cupcakes are so. over.

Future Mrs. H said...

I saw the Voodoo donut on the travel channel!!! Mmmm I want one nowwww

Meesha said...

Awesome! Without sounding dirty, do you go there often?

Melissa said...

I love this idea! They look amazing :)

Amanda said...

Yes Meesha, you know me! I work a block away and find myself sneaking over there way too often. In fact, Nick and I waited in line for 45 minutes this past weekend so I could get my beloved bacon maple bar.


K @ Blog Goggles said...

That's so freaking awesome! Please take lots of pictures for us to see.