Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh yeah- Giveaway Winners!

I was so caught up in Polaroid drama this morning that I completely forgot to pick the winners of the Napkin Giveway (I won't get into too many details, but it involved me trying to shove Fuji pack film into a Polaroid 600 camera and cursing myself for being such a jackass. I know.). Along those lines, would you believe that I couldn't even figure out how to use Random.Org? No joke. In my defense, I haven't had any coffee yet this morning.

So I dug through a pile of crap on our counter and came up with Nick's old hunting cap,
haphazardly cut up tiny bits of paper and wrote names on them, then used the old-fashioned method of closing my eyes and letting fate take its course.Congrats to Heidz and Caitlin (of Think Happy Thoughts)! Please send me an email (amandarose_w [at] with your napkin of choice and mailing address and I will get those out to you as soon as possible.
And of course after the drawing I fed the names to my obese cat...who was more than happy tear them to bits and devour them. (Please no emails from angry animal rights activists. It's only fiber- and lead.)

Thank you!


Pen Pen said...

He's not fat! He's squishy and hug-able!!!

Melissa said...

Your cat is cute, we have two cats and they are so big they look more like pumas :)

Amber said...

yeah meezers definately got bigger then I remember.. When you first got her she could curl up and sleep in the palm of your hand...

btw Amanda, my little tortie girl should be having babies this summer, if you want a new kitty... MOre than likely not from the floppy cat. Unless he got her preggers already since he got fixed last week.