Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nick's vintage suit

Yesterday we made a trip over to Keep 'Em Flying on 21st and picked up the slickest vintage 70's suit for Nick to wear to the wedding. I have to admit, when I first saw it on the hanger it seemed a little too loud for my taste, but the second he slipped it on we knew it was the one.

The best part was when we brought it home and discovered these vintage ticket stubs in one of the pockets. After snapping a few pictures, I decided to slip the tickets back into the pocket where I found them. The superstitious part of me doesn't think it would be right to remove them. Who knows, maybe they will bring us some luck?


Brittney said...

I am quite a fan of this suit! Can't wait to see the pictures of him in it!

Teresa said...

what a cool find! hope they bring you lots of luck.

Pen Pen said...

I wanna know what movie it was!! I don't see that it says that anywhere--sucky!
and I agree about leaving them there- My Cajun mom drove so many superstitions into my head-tho the Baptist outlook she adopted later in life comes into direct opposition with all superstitions she grew up with. Cuz of that, she contradicts herself!--She's a trip.

one of the more bazaar ones is 'NEVER move a grave'....I now live in constant fear that I could be living on an old burial ground like on 'Poltergeist'.

east side bride said...

Fucking fabulous. I, too, am dying to know what the concert was. Google is no help.

Melissa said...

That's such a cool suit and I love that you found ticket stubs in the pocket :)