Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Part 2

A long time ago I posted part 1 of a "cool wedding clutch" series that I had all intentions of finishing- but like most things in my life (and if you are close to me you know this is all too true), I got distracted by a pretty object outside my apartment window, something cool came on tv, I got hungry... and I completely forgot.

Now it's almost a year later. I'm going to publicly admit that I recently developed a creepy new habit. For the past few weeks one of the first things I do in the mornings, after making a cup of coffee and prying my kitties out from their hiding spots to squeeze them, is run to the computer to check the new listings in made by hank's Etsy shop. It's like Christmas every morning (ok, not every morning, but close enough).

I've already purchased two and there's no end in sight. I'm addicted. Sure, white, satin, beaded, lace clutches are great- whatever- but aren't these colorful handmade bags so much more fun? Also, getting my favorites has turned into a sort of competition. The moment they're listed they go like hotcakes. You spot a favorite, get up to refill your coffee, then BAM, it's already gone. I've got to be quick. I've got to be alert. (To whoever bought the deer applique bag- *shakes my fist*)

Like I said, It's gotten me a little creepy. Creepier.

I just refreshed her shop again. *eye twitch*

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MJSSJM said...

i love made by hank! Lucky you have two already! Can't wait to buy my first.