Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Ode to Munchkin

This photo brings me back to my years as an awkward, underdeveloped pre-teen (ok, ok, teen), who carried a pet rat around in her pocket everywhere she went. His name was Munchkin. I fed him cheese from a can.

He went with me to the park. To the store. There are snapshots tucked away in a scrapbook somehwere of just the two of us posing in an arcade photo booth. My most vivid memory: the look of anger on my mom's face after I got us kicked out of Costco for sneaking Mr. Munch cheese samples through my coat pocket.

Those were the days. Who needs boys when you've got a rat the width of a grapefruit hanging out on your shoulder?

(Hey, the pair of morbidly obese cats lounging around my apartment right now, if you're reading this- be warned. You could so be replaced with a $5 rodent any day. I don't bluff.)

Image from here via Double Takes


Emilia Jane said...

My high school pet rat's name was Zoot. He used to climb on top of my head and eat m&ms. He was the best little guy. The fiance is deathly afraid of rodents so it looks like our future will not be full of buck toothed little critters. Except for the ones, ya know, we make ourselves because both of us aren't blessed in the straight teeth department. :)

Kate said...

Mine was called Wizard because he was an albino and I thought that was cool. I miss that smelly bastard.

Brittney said...

FYI... I woke up screaming this morning (scared the shit out of Jacob I think) because I was having a dream that a rat ran across the bed... I blame you (and, partially the Sex and the City rerun I watched last night, but you're easier to blame personally than Kristin Davis!) =)

east side bride said...

WHOA. Ididnotknowyouhadapetrat. You too Emilia? And Kate? Who are you?? Let's all start a club!